COVID 19 Information

Due to the prevailing circumstances, we have put together extra information about what we and our hotels do to keep the highest security and cleanliness.

Cleaning procedures at our hotels :
We have introduced extra resources and even more strict procedures for thorough cleaning of our hotel rooms between stays. These following procedures apply to our housekeeping services:
● We use effective chemicals that are both gentle and eco-friendly.
● All surfaces, including door handles, light switches, remote controls, and hair
dryers are cleaned thoroughly.
● Our housekeeping staff uses one pair of single use rubber gloves per room.
● Our housekeeping staff uses one set of cleaning cloths per room.'
Safety procedures at our hotel
We follow the recommendations, advice and instructions being issued by the health authorities in the six countries where we operate. We are carefully following the development of the recommendations issued by the health authorities and are updating our procedures accordingly.
At the hotels, we are extra vigilant with respect to the safety situation for guests and employees. We consider it to be safe for hotel guests, conference guests, and employees to operate our organization as normal as long as we adhere to the guidelines issued by the authorities.

In case a situation arises, in which a guest or employee is suspected of being infected with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will follow the instructions issued by the health authorities. We also have an agreement with a security company that can provide advice to the hotel management in such a scenario.
Procedures to minimize and manage the risk of infection:
● All hotels adhere to a central action plan to deal with any case(s) of infection.
● We have received specific advice from our security company about how we
should act as a hotel operator.
● Employees have been instructed on how best to deal with the current situation
and how they can avoid becoming infected.
● We abstain from shaking hands, and avoid situations in which we could be
exposed to people sneezing, coughing or similar.
● We have increased the use of antibacterial spray and hand sanitizer.
● We encourage our employees and guests to be extra diligent with hand