GROW - Restaurant

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GROW - Inspired by EAT

December 13, we opened the doors to our new innovative restaurant, located in the basement of ps: hotel, GROW - Inspired by EAT.

The collaboration between ps: hotel, EAT foundation and Nordic Choice hotels is not accidental. Together, we all have the preconditions for creating social innovation, where inclusion, sustainable solutions, and healthy taste experiences go hand in hand.

This combined with a very unique atmosphere makes us confident that our guests will enjoy themselves.

At GROW, plant-based food is the hero, and we want to show you how to use all sorts of vegetables, put together whole meals, and create absolutely amazing flavours.

Meat and fish are also on the menu for those who want it, in creative variations.

We want to use all the raw material

In addition, our goal is to reduce food waste, which means that the portions may be smaller than you are used to - but so are the prices. So if you are extra hungry, you can actually treat yourself to two or maybe three dishes.

In the kitchen, we have chef Maren Bjerkeli, who has grown in the kitchen at a small farm in the Isfjord, not far from Åndalsnes. Maren is an avid hunter, fisherman, and realized early on that it was her cook.

With us, she has been given the opportunity to develop completely new dishes, where plant-based ingredients are the hero of the meal.

With us, everyone is equally important. Here many people meet for their first meeting with the working life for a while. Here it is about being seen, mastered, and feedback. So your visit is important to us in a double sense - you are contributing to the environment and you are helping someone have an extra nice day at work. This meeting is what creates the unique atmosphere.

Welcome to GROW - Inspired by EAT.

Groups & Events

In our restaurant, 60 people can sit and eat at the same time. Here you have the opportunity to post your wedding party, birthday, graduation, or just a friend's friends party. Combined with a nice outdoor restaurant where we create a good atmosphere, this is sure to be a nice party! With a request to our restaurant, we are happy to send you suggestions on the menu and wine package.